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15 jun. 2016

Relectura Psi/Cambiantes: Shield Of Winter

Esta semana es la publicación de Allegiance of Honor y como veran estoy retrasada en la subida de mis citas favoritas, pero la relectura terminó hace un par de semanas y fue absolutamente divino leer de nuevo a estos personajes.

El libro de esta vez es Shield of Winter protagonizado por el Psi Tk-V Vasic Zen y la Psi-E Ivy Jane, esta vez hay cambios muy notables en la Psi-Net por lo que es necesario activar los Empáticos si los Psi quieren sobrevivir y a Vasic se le da la misión de resguardar a los E. Pero lo que el jamas espero fue encontrar una E a la que pudiera llamar hogar.

Este libro es muy lindo y a la vez emocional, lo que mas me gusta de Nalini es que te da vistazos a otras parejas pero no sutura el libro y no pierde el focus de la historia. Ivy Jane fue una sorpresa agradable una E diferente a lo que veníamos leyendo y una mujer muy dulce. Lo mas notable de este libro son los E y lo mucho que se descubre de ellos, además de que los Psi y el mundo entero pueden que no estén tan seguro como antes.

Nalini Singh - Serie Psi-Cambiantes - Shield of winter:
Asesino. Soldado. Flecha. Eso es lo que Vasic es, lo que siempre será. Su alma bañada en sangre, su conciencia pesada con el peso de todo lo que ha hecho, él existe en las sombras, lejos de la esperanza que su gente casi puede tocar, si solo no se ahogan primero en la asesina locura de una letal infección. Para detener la ola de muerte, Vasic debe completar la mas sencilla y mas difícil misión de su vida. Porque si la raza Psi quiere vivir, los empáticos deben despertar... Habiendo rehecho su vida luego del "tratamiento" médico que violó su mente y busco destruir sus habilidades, Ivy debió haber corrido del flecha vestido de negro con ojos como una helada de invierno. Pero Ivy Jane nunca ha hecho lo que debería. Ahora, ella luchará por su gente, y por este flecha quien se coloca como su escudo viviente, pero el cual no cree que este mas alla de la redención. Pero mientras el mundo se vuelve de un rojo alarmante, incluso la fuerza de Ivy puede no ser suficiente para salvar a Vasic de la fría oscuridad. 

Citas Favoritas

He wondered what Ivy Jane would think of the Arrow about to enter her life, a man who could never again feel anything. Even were it physiologically possible, Vasic had no intention of allowing his Silence to fragment . . . because behind it lay only a howling madness created of blood and death and endless horror. 
Seeing her, speaking to her, had made him understand that aside from children, the empaths were the closest thing the Net had to innocents. 
“Do you truly feel nothing?” she whispered. “Are you without fractures?” “It’s better this way.” His eyes kissed her with frost. “The day I feel is the day I die.” 
“I want them to have this life,” she whispered. “I want them to know what it is to live without being suffocated every minute of every day. I want them to know freedom.” 
“Watch over your Sunny as I wasn’t able to watch over mine.” 
“You are the son of my heart, my truest descendent. You may have lost faith, but you will never give up, regardless of what you believe at this instant. You will do what must be done.” 
Flaws make us who we are, Ivy. Without them, we might as well be made of plas, featureless and indistinct. Never ever be ashamed of your flaws. 
Never again would anyone treat an Arrow as a disposable tool. 
Are you at ease being alone with Chang? I saw him head in the same direction as you. Something twisted in her heart. Yes. Thank you for checking. Your safety is my priority.
She wanted to be the promise that had been stifled inside her for a lifetime. Good or bad, weak or strong, resilient or fragile, she needed to know who Ivy Jane was beyond the cage of Silence. 
Vasic was stable, but in the way the sea was stable on a day without a breeze, his depths hidden beneath a reflective surface that was an impenetrable shield. 
“An expert is simply someone who knows more than those she’s teaching. That’s you.”
“Except when it comes to his mate. If you succeed in cracking the ice, you have to be prepared to deal with a male as devoted and as violently protective as any changeling.” 
“It doesn’t seem fair, Sascha, that he—that any Arrow—should have to walk alone and thankless in the darkness.” 
No one had the right to steal a childhood. 
“people who think they know everything end up becoming despots.” 
You could be with me every instant of every day and I would ask for more. 
Mating is a partnership. It’s not about keeping secrets or about one half of the pair bearing all the weight. 
“Because I was already dead.” A walking, functioning shell. “You brought me back to life. 
“Promise me.” His entire body in shock at the sweet, hot caress, he nodded. For her, he’d conquer even the dark numbness that had been eating him alive for years.
“Anything you want, you can have. I have no defenses against you.”
He wasn’t a good man, but she was something exceptional. He would protect her . . . till the day he died. 
To be an empath is to understand pain in all its myriad facets. Excerpted from The Mysterious E Designation: Empathic Gifts & Shadows by Alice Eldridge 
It made her heart hurt for him, for her Arrow who would not cry but who felt more deeply than anyone she’d ever before known. 
“I’m not worried about danger, Sascha. I’m not even worried about dying. I’m worried I’ll never live again if I don’t start soon.” 
“I never thought you’d make it to this point. I’m fucking glad you have. We’ll get the others here, too—we’re Arrows.” “We never give up on a target,” Vasic completed, and for the first time since he’d been taught it, the assertion wasn’t one of darkness, but of hope. 
Vasic thought of Ivy’s anger as she fought for him, her sweet sensual generosity, her smile, her courage. She was his anchor and his hope. It was as simple and as powerful as that. 
He hadn’t understood what it meant to cherish before Ivy. Now he knew it was about giving her what she needed, showing her what she was to him: Everything.
Heroes are often the quietest people in a room, the ones least willing to lay claim to the title. These men and women simply go about doing what needs to be done without any expectation of gratitude or fame. It is in their nature to protect and to shield and to fight against darkness, whatever form it may take. New York Signal 
“We all have to live with our past, but it doesn’t have to define us.” 
“You’re my hope, Ivy, my beacon home on the darkest night.” 
Don’t leave me. Please. I won’t. I’ll always be here. Winter frost holding her in thrall. Even if my body goes, my soul will remain. It’s a mess, but it’s yours. It’ll always be yours.
Vasic took Ivy’s hand when her parents handed it over, clasped it tightly. She was already his on the psychic plane, but this ceremony wasn’t only about them. It was about every black-clad man and woman who stood in the orchard. It was about hope. And his fierce, generous Ivy knew that.

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