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24 abr. 2016

Relectura Psi/Cambiantes: Texture of Intimacy

Buenas Bibliófilos, termina otra semana y con eso otro libro mas en la relectura cada vez nos acercamos mas al final y a la publicación de Allegiance of Honor. 

El libro de esta semana es una Novella, protagonizada por Walker Lauren y la sanadora de los SnowDancer Lara, luego de su emparejamiento en La Llamada del Deseo. En esta Novella logramos ver mas sobre Walker y su tiempo en la PsiNet aparte de conocer como fueron sus planes para salir de la misma. También conocemos lo que ambos desean y esperan del futuro. Es una historia muy linda y tranquila antes de la tormenta que viene.

Texture of Intimacy - Nalini Singh (18-24 Abril): La Sanadora de los SnowDancer Lara conoce el éxtasis primordial. Se despierta todas las mañanas, piel con piel junto al duro cuerpo masculino del tranquilo y poderoso telépata que es su compañero. Suaves músculos y duro calor, Walker es el único hombre que ella ha querido llamar suyo. Pero ser la compañera de un hombre formado en la fría celda de la PsiNet tiene sus desafíos. Nacido en una raza donde la emoción es un crimen, la voluntad de Walker es una creación de frio acero. Marcado por la vida que ha llevado y las terribles decisiones que fue forzado a tomar, nunca esperó encontrar la felicidad. Ahora, su corazón pertenece a Lara y luchará hasta la muerte por proteger el vinculo entre ellos... incluso sabiendo que tal vez ha pasado mucho tiempo en el frío de la PsiNet para darle a ella lo que necesita. Antes de que Lara y Walker puedan reclamar la salvaje y bella promesa de su futuro, primero deberán enfrentar las dolorosas sombras del pasado. 

Citas Favoritas

Lashes rising, irises of a striking light green meeting her own. Not soft. Walker would never be that. But his gaze was…open in a way it had never before been. Until she felt invited into him.
Now she knew that though the power-hungry Council had attempted to condition emotion out of him, they had never succeeded, his heart so powerful he’d managed to love even in the pitiless cage of the PsyNet.
“I think you’re wonderful. My perfect mate.” “Remember that,” he said, continuing to hold her gaze, the intensity of him a near physical touch. “When you ask yourself what you’re doing with me.”
Walker’s daughter was a talker, cheerful and with an infectious laugh. Her delight with the world was so open, so innocent that she appeared younger than her years, but Lara had seen Marlee’s schoolwork—the girl was blazingly intelligent. She simply loved life.(...)“The Council will never again steal their right to be happy.”
“You’ll work closely with the maternals and the teachers, and while they’re responsible for different aspects of the children’s health and education, you’re the one who coordinates everything and makes certain every child in your group gets what he or she needs to feel safe, happy, and challenged.” 
Eyes widening a fraction as Aden realized Walker knew the truth. “Will you tell?” A child’s voice, but an ancient’s gaze. “No.” Never would he betray one of his children. 
Aden, he remembered, had never cried, never broken…and never lost his soul.
“There are so many things I want to do with my life, but Evie? She’s at the top of every list I’ve made since the first day I realized neither of us was a pup anymore.” Evie, too, Lara thought, looked at Tai with the same devotion. 
“Mating’s good for you,” Judd said, his expression shifting to betray a deep vein of emotion. I’m alive to love Brenna because of you. And it always seemed grossly unfair that you didn’t have the same kind of love in your life. Walker had never known his brother felt that way. 
It was an extraordinary network, beautiful and steel strong. Never again would any member of his family have to fight alone, hurt alone. felt as if he’d taken an irrevocable step on this new road he walked with a woman who had never accepted that he was forever broken. She’d taken him scars and all, and in so doing, taught him he could be far more than he’d ever believed. 
Lara nudged at him until he shifted his body enough to allow her to turn to face him. “We’re stronger than memories, stronger than hurt.” A luminous smile. “We’re a mated pair, a family.” 
Change was a force that had the world in its ruthless grip. For some, the consequences would be devastating. For others, it would be a welcome freedom. Some would fight it, some would embrace it, but no one would escape.
Heart twisting, he bent down to hug that gangly body, felt Toby’s arms lock around him. And he knew he had much to learn from this boy who was his blood. Toby’s openness of heart was a courage not many possessed.

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